Christiaan discovered his passion for photography in 1989, and has been making photographs professionally since 1991. His work has appeared in numerous local and international publications and advertising campaigns. His client list speaks for itself.
He is known for his remarkable versatility – not just the technical ability to be comfortable in different areas of specialisation, but for his ability to immerse himself in a subject, getting to grips with its essence.
A fleeting expression, a momentary juxtaposition of objects or the glimpse of an interesting interaction may stimulate new thoughts and ideas that refine his view of the world. Caught on film, these images yield up their messages for both photographer and viewer.
Wim Wenders, writing about the creative process behind the making of the film Wings of Desire, says, ‘At first it’s not possible to describe anything beyond a wish or a desire. That’s how it begins, making a film, writing a book, painting a picture, composing a tune, generally creating something. You have a wish. You wish that something might exist, and then you work on it until it does.  You want to give something to the world, something truer, more beautiful, more painstaking, more serviceable, or simply something other than what already exists.’
This desire is characteristic of Christiaan’s work. He brings the same degree of passion to every shoot and the same sense of inquiry each time he lifts his camera.
What sets him apart is the ability to see beyond the obvious: to capture the youth in an old man’s eyes, the wisdom of a child, the symmetry and beauty of all beings.

by Cathy Eden